Journal Two – 11May’16

The ME you all know is sleeping, it’s time for the Sentimental side to take over and live over coffee at 3am.

I was scrolling through my Instagram, when I was reminded of a text I had payed no attention to yesterday. I read it. There were some portions that sprinted through ribs!

“When you hurt someone, you don’t get to decide you didn’t.”

Everything about the sentence struck some nostalgic chords buried deep all through the years. The chords that were forgotten just like that red acoustic guitar making out with just dust.

Whenever the heart survives an attack to destroy our already limping life, we are bound to face the arrows of justifications and explanations. We don’t budge, we just take the blows as we know we can’t do a thing. We’re kings to be exiled!

Change your eyes, and be the attacker. It won’t hurt as much. You’ll be holding the bow and not accepting arrows. Conquer hearts and rule them. If you’re welcomed pompously on the gate, live up to it, if not more. But when you’re seen as a tyrant, stop yourself, walk away never to return.

Don’t. Fucking. Be. A. Victim.

Victim. Someone who smiles the broadest out to you, even after the destruction you’ve caused in their lives. Someone who still tries to make you feel special on special days when you’ve been the reason they lost ‘special’ people. Someone who still helps you with whatever they can afford even when they know you’re there for the time YOU need them. Someone, who plans out every possible way you hug your love even when you’ve robbed them of any chance to embrace what was their happiness.
A mere ‘sorry’, or even a trillion, aren’t reverting the changes you were responsible for just because of prejudices and jealousy, or turning back the clocks. They’ve lost all they could. But they still stand next to you, honoring a relation too sacred to be uttered through filthy tongues.

This is being a victim, people! But trust me when I say that it is the victims who’re stronger than the strongest. It takes skills to shoot an arrow and the heart of a lion to accept them silently. But even the U.S. army knows karma strikes harder than they do. Times does take 180°s, kid!

Realise that now when I hurt you, the decision whether it was enough or not lies with me.

“When you know that you’ve the capability of bringing a smile on someone’s face as well as bringing tears in their eyes, the choice should be obvious.”

Beautiful! Who wouldn’t agree to this. Spread smiles, love limitlessly and work your hardest. The key to everything you wish to achieve.

But I can’t find anyone who’d want such people in their life. Does their existence matter? It shouldn’t. Are they unwanted? You be the judge.

And yes, after all of your crap you’ve put up with, the choice is obvious, I guess?

A true ‘gentleman’ isn’t the always-gentle one. Or he hadn’t been synonymous to ‘real man’.

“But I am a girl. I get hurt!”

I bet, after laughing my heart out, you don’t require anyone to tell you sound like an idiot when you make such a remark.

Life’s too short to spend around gossip-mongers, who won’t think before stooping to any level to satisfy their hunger.
Also, be too busy living up to the expectations of people who actually love you, to take out time for people with layers of Fake on their face.

Source – Google

Yes, I lost all sense of professionalism while typing this blog. But I beg ignorance to this fact as I’ve penned it under a ‘Journal’.

Exactly, its a rant.


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