Scars: Permanent Wounds

She woke up with the Sun.

It was the wake-up alarm of another dark night. Waking up to the sun, convincing herself she belongs there and that she’s loved, and crawling back to the bed. Hey Life!

Her skin was the softest, smoothest you’ll ever feel. There were absolutely no marks of any wound. Wounds weren’t a thing for her body, for her heart took any and every on itself. To keep the “Hey! Sexxaayyy!” and sibling comments to keep flowing from the drooling men on streets. Little did the world know of the she she held within! You can’t expect the world to, they barely have time left off the materials they won’t have room for in their coffins.

Some scars are human-inflicted, some are humans.

Her phone pinged. A text from her boyfriend. He was asking her out, again. She smiled. It was this smile that made him *clichΓ© alert* “fall in love all over again.” Either his grammar teacher was bad at work, or there was a hint velied, as he never mentioned ‘you’ in the rugged old line. She never complained! There were tougher things to fight against. Don’t we all? Fighting with our own internal devils that are guests intending to stay forever.

Her boyfriend. She knew her smile wasn’t the only curve that kept him close. Once he was satisfied, he’ll walk away as if nothing ever happened, to remind her no one ever actually means ‘eternity’ or ‘forever’ while promising to stay. No, Devils are exceptional bastards, they mean it.

This reminded her of something. Her father used tell her brother, “You’re a lone warrior, Son!” He never told her this. Females aren’t warriors, are they? Hey Society!

Life is quite a small word with a humongous meaning. Cursed, blamed, every moment. Yes, even when a guy is single, or the baby is a girl, its their life that’s responsible. Why not. Time is next on the Forbes Most Cursed list. She knows its up to her. To either die with regrets or memories. She knows she needs to brighten herself from the inside.

But these quotes on positivity are easy to preach, tough to pull into the reality. Easier to order others what to feel, tougher to actually make them feel.

She woke up to the Sun, only to find it still snoring.

She loves him. ‘He’ isn’t her boyfriend. He who loves her scars as much as her smile. He who dreams of her with open eyes. He who has the ability to turn her rusted heart back to the strong iron it once was. He who actually loves her. He who is on the opposite corner of the world, convincing himself that his present girlfriend is the one.

Yes, she too has read articles on individuality and singularity, on the power of living alone and not making another human a priority. But then, you know how optimism was just butchered.

See, the beauty of writing. I healed through the immortal scars on the heart to remind myself of another – ego.



WordPress Challenge Prompt – Scars


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